Shortlisted for the William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize

Shortlisted for the William and Winifred Bowness Photography Prize

Céleste has been announced as a finalist for her artwork Logan Square stack I, August 30, 2018. The work will be exhibited in a survey of contemporary Australian photography at the Monash Gallery of Art from 5 October – 17 November 2019.

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American Australian Arts Fund Showcase at Olsen Gruin Gallery NYC

TUESDAY, JULY 23, 2019 at OLSEN GRUIN GALLERY, 6-8pm: Register here

Céleste Cebra will be showcasing artwork alongside fellow American-Australian Association Arts Fund recipients at Olsen Gruin Gallery in the Lower East Side, NYC.

“The American Australian Association is hosting a unique Arts Showcase at Olsen Gruin Gallery to highlight the depth of talent of our diverse American-Australian Arts Fund alum. The showcase will feature exhibitions from a selection of visual artists, musical performances and a fiber art workshop conducted by Lucy Wanapuyngu who practices and teaches fiber art in the Aboriginal community of Gapuwiyak in northeast Arnhem Land, Australia.

Each of the featured artists has been the beneficiary of an American-Australian Arts Fund grant. The Fund was established in 1998 to provide grants to emerging Australian and American artists who show great talent in the fields of theater, dance, film & television, music, literary arts, visual arts, fashion, crafts and design.”

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SAIC MFA Show 2019

April 27–May 15 
Reception: Friday, April 26
7:00–9:00 p.m.

Sullivan Galleries
33 S. State St., 7th floor

Gallery Hours
Monday–Saturday, 11:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.

The culminating public presentation of more than 120 MFA candidates’ new and ambitious work. Students work for more than six months with three guest curators and 12 graduate curatorial assistants to envision the exhibition, an approach that allows for dialogue, process, and collaborative decision-making among the curatorial teams and artists.

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View Céleste Cebra’s exhibition page here.

Design by Xu Guanyu

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Fishers Ghost Award Exhibition 2018

Céleste is one of the preselected artists for the 2018 Fisher’s Ghost Art Award in the Photography category for her constructed image Isolate I, which has been displayed salon style among some of Australia’s esteemed contemporary photographers.

Documentation courtesy of Imogen Eve


Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Photography Award 2018 Finalist

Céleste Cebra has been announced as a 2018 Finalist for the Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Photography Award for her work Isolate I (2018).

Cebra’s work contemplates a range of issues surrounding urbanity and walking in Chicago relative to public and privately owned spaces. As a newcomer to the city in 2017, Cebra began walking her neighbourhood and studying the façades of houses. These building frontages are the publicly visible face to an inherently private sphere. Cebra documented the house façades with a medium format camera. The images were then developed, scanned and printed; the frontispieces were meticulously cut out by hand, mounted and digitally re-photographed.

Isolating the façades of houses allows a careful examination of architectural elements, highlighting both the idiosyncratic and ubiquitous nature of the structure. The building’s purpose is instantly recognisable and is also a reflection of the inhabitants taste, demographics, geographic location and era.

Isolate I is part of an ongoing artistic investigation: Deconstruct / Reconstruct / Isolate, into urban spaces, their similarities, their divergent characteristics and a growing taxonomy of the built environment.

Isolate I, Deconstruct / Reconstruct / Isolate, 2018, archival pigment inkjet print, 70 x 56 cm


July 6th Exhibition Opening 7 - 9pm

July 6th Exhibition Opening 7 - 9pm

Friday 6 July, 2018, SAIC's Architectural Photography summer class will have a pop-up exhibition at the Coach House, Glessner House Museum. The exhibition: Imaging Mass & Space: Architectural Photography 2018 will showcase a selection of talented students from departments including Visual Critical Studies, Historic Preservation, Film Video New Media & Animation, Architecture Interior Architecture & Designed Objects, as well as Photography. 

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Event Details

As daylight fades on this fine Wednesday the 29th of March, Chrissie Cotter Gallery's doors will open for Céleste Cebra's inaugural solo exhibition Quotidian Metropolis. Stop by for some blinis and a champagne. The exhibition will run for two weeks. Click here for all of the details.

Seen the exhibition and want to know more about the artist's work and process? Have a look here at the Inner West Council's Q&A with Cebra (P.S. please excuse the Inner West council for their typo of the artists name in this post.)



En Moyen

The medium format film camera Céleste Cebra used, manufactured in 1989, dictated her exploration of city areas. The habitual traversing of streets was slowed by the stopping and framing of pieces of urban landscape via this photographic apparatus. Winding the film on, framing, focusing and considering each shot prior to removing the darkslide and depressing the shutter release button. The experience of first sight then viewing the scene backwards by means of the camera's focusing screen, changed Cebra's way of seeing, as well as her photographic experience. The colour quality and depth of tone in each image was determined by the film choice and the light temperature of the location. The final images reduce the scale of the world, reimagining it and transforming it into something new, an object to be printed and held, which has flattened a three dimensional fragment of city-scape onto a two dimensional plane, far removed from it's origins.

Many of the resulting images are a part of the Quotidian Metropolis series.

18.03.16 Pont Neuf, 2016
Archival photographic print
32 x 32 cm


Exhibition Opening Wednesday 29 April 6-8pm

Céleste Cebra's inaugural solo exhibition is happening this Wednesday the 29th at Chrissie Cotter Gallery, right around the corner from Camperdown Commons. Stop by for a drink and to see the works. All details can be found on the invitation below.

The photographic works investigate themes of transience and cultural identity in man-made environments, predominantly exploring cities and their surrounding areas, meditating upon these often liminal and transitory spaces. The works also examine the façades of buildings, as a marker of an area’s identity, and signifier of the structure’s purpose. The resulting images are often void of human presence or feature pedestrians as an element secondary to the urban surrounds. A human figure’s purpose is to activate the area and provide a reference of scale. This frequent absence or insignificance of the figure in these works, in turn draws more attention to the architecture or urban landscape. In a global environment where urban spaces are more and more expansive, layered and dense, these areas provide a rich field of artistic enquiry and inspiration for Cebra.

Final Day - NAS Grad Show 2015

Saturday the 5th of December marks the final day of the National Art School 2015 Graduate Exhibition. Have a look on campus or online at:

1. Céleste Cebra's works on display at the NAS Gallery (in-between the works of painters India Mark, to the left, Karmyn Gibson, right and ceramicist Caleb Reid-Boqust in the foreground).

2. Céleste Cebra's works on display at the NAS Gallery.

3. Cebra's works in the photography studios on campus.


NAS Graduate Exhibition on The Mix (ABC)

The National Art School Gallery Manager and Curator Judith Blackall in conversation with James Valentine about the NAS 2015 Graduate Exhibition with the work of Céleste Cebra Kotevich from her Interstitial Interiors series centred behind them; followed by some close ups of Céleste's photographs.

Of the exhibition Judith Blackall states: "You certainly can see some great talent in there... Talent but it's also commitment, drive and a dedication to professionalism. Those are the qualities which I admire, I look for, and I see it in their work."

All works from the exhibition are for sale until the 5th of December here:

Watch The Mix 28/11/2015 episode here:

National Art School Graduate Exhibition 2015

The National Art School Graduate Exhibition 2015 showcases the work of students completing their Bachelor of Fine Art in 2015, including Céleste's!
Come and celebrate the 2015 class of graduating students with an exhibition of their work on display at the National Art School: 

Mondays to Saturdays, 11am to 5pm
Friday 27 November to Saturday 5 December 2015
Opening night: Thursday 26 November, 6pm – 9pm
Forbes Street Darlinghurst, NSW 2010, Australia.