Josephine Ulrick & Win Schubert Photography Award 2018 Finalist

Céleste Cebra has been announced as a 2018 Finalist for the Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Photography Award for her work Isolate I (2018).

Cebra’s work contemplates a range of issues surrounding urbanity and walking in Chicago relative to public and privately owned spaces. As a newcomer to the city in 2017, Cebra began walking her neighbourhood and studying the façades of houses. These building frontages are the publicly visible face to an inherently private sphere. Cebra documented the house façades with a medium format camera. The images were then developed, scanned and printed; the frontispieces were meticulously cut out by hand, mounted and digitally re-photographed.

Isolating the façades of houses allows a careful examination of architectural elements, highlighting both the idiosyncratic and ubiquitous nature of the structure. The building’s purpose is instantly recognisable and is also a reflection of the inhabitants taste, demographics, geographic location and era.

Isolate I is part of an ongoing artistic investigation: Deconstruct / Reconstruct / Isolate, into urban spaces, their similarities, their divergent characteristics and a growing taxonomy of the built environment.

Isolate I, Deconstruct / Reconstruct / Isolate, 2018, archival pigment inkjet print, 70 x 56 cm