En Moyen

The medium format film camera Céleste Cebra used, manufactured in 1989, dictated her exploration of city areas. The habitual traversing of streets was slowed by the stopping and framing of pieces of urban landscape via this photographic apparatus. Winding the film on, framing, focusing and considering each shot prior to removing the darkslide and depressing the shutter release button. The experience of first sight then viewing the scene backwards by means of the camera's focusing screen, changed Cebra's way of seeing, as well as her photographic experience. The colour quality and depth of tone in each image was determined by the film choice and the light temperature of the location. The final images reduce the scale of the world, reimagining it and transforming it into something new, an object to be printed and held, which has flattened a three dimensional fragment of city-scape onto a two dimensional plane, far removed from it's origins.

Many of the resulting images are a part of the Quotidian Metropolis series.

18.03.16 Pont Neuf, 2016
Archival photographic print
32 x 32 cm