Exhibition Opening Wednesday 29 April 6-8pm

Céleste Cebra's inaugural solo exhibition is happening this Wednesday the 29th at Chrissie Cotter Gallery, right around the corner from Camperdown Commons. Stop by for a drink and to see the works. All details can be found on the invitation below.

The photographic works investigate themes of transience and cultural identity in man-made environments, predominantly exploring cities and their surrounding areas, meditating upon these often liminal and transitory spaces. The works also examine the façades of buildings, as a marker of an area’s identity, and signifier of the structure’s purpose. The resulting images are often void of human presence or feature pedestrians as an element secondary to the urban surrounds. A human figure’s purpose is to activate the area and provide a reference of scale. This frequent absence or insignificance of the figure in these works, in turn draws more attention to the architecture or urban landscape. In a global environment where urban spaces are more and more expansive, layered and dense, these areas provide a rich field of artistic enquiry and inspiration for Cebra.