Quotidian Metropolis - Upcoming Exhibition


Quotidian Metropolis is an exhibition of photographic works created during Céleste Cebra’s artist residency in Paris and subsequent travels. The imagery offers contemplation on present-day metropolitan centres and how they must adapt to current stimuli and simultaneously grapple with their past identities. 

Cebra’s practice investigates themes of pedestrian transience and cultural identity in man-made environments through the exploration of cities and surrounding areas. For the artist, the physical investigation of these environments was a meditation upon the multitude of liminal and transitory spaces. The works also examine the façades of buildings as markers of an area’s identity and signifier of a structure’s purpose.

Well-established cities and towns offer fascinating records of times past and bear the visible traces of previous and present inhabitants. Situated in the contemporary world these are places where the quotidian collides with the historical.